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“How can I contribute the most to the world?”

This question gave birth to this Roadmap for Changemaker Educators. In pondering that question over and over, I realized that the most social impact I could have would come from making 10, 100, or even 1000 people ask themselves what do they want to contribute to the world and equip them with the skills, tools, and mindsets needed to bring their projects to fruition.

“How do you spark one’s will to contribute to the world?”

I asked changemakers all around the world—community leaders, social innovators, educators, students—what had sparked their will to contribute to a better world. Their answers informed the "inspire" section of this website in which I share insights on how to spark learners to contribute to a better world.   

“How do you equip someone with the tools, skills, and resources needed to contribute to a better world?”

Through interviews and visits to educational institutions around the world, I explored this last question. I initially sought to identify the attributes and resources needed to contribute to a better world, and now (and maybe forever), I will dive further into each identified attribute to determine how they can best be taught. How do you teach/learn creativity? How do you teach/learn critical thinking?  

What is Changemaker Education?

Changemaker education fosters learners’ will and ability to make positive changes in society—local or systemic. It fosters their sense of care. Helps them adopt healthy lifestyles and make meaningful careers living authentically their values. It equips them with the tools and resources to take ideas to action.  Everyone can be a changemaker—nurse, lawyer, teacher, social entrepreneur, activist, farmer, construction worker. Being a changemaker entails doing meaningful work that contributes to a greater good.


This Roadmap for Changemaker Educators aims to help any educators—parents included—provide learners with the skills, tools, and mindsets to contribute to a better world. It provides a general framework that can be adapted for different settings and learners of different ages. Although it is written linearly for sake of clarity, in real-life, many steps will happen simultaneously or in mix-and-match order.

About me

I, Clément Moliner-Roy, am a self-declared citizen of the world. I spent the last 6 years studying and working in Peru, Canada, China, Wales, and USA. I spent two summers in Japan supporting HELIO, a program launching a new era of Japanese higher education and I went around the world researching about educational innovation. Building upon Nelson Mandela's statement that "education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world," I hope that this Roadmap will help educators—as they (you!) have an incredible potential to generate positive ripple effects.


I am using the term “changemaker” as an umbrella term since I believe that anyone can be a changemaker in the way they do their work—farmers, construction workers, lawyers, activists, teachers. For me, the term "changemaker" encompasses notions of leadership skills, civic engagement, social justice, social innovation, and more. Yet, I recognize that my work has been affected by my prior experiences and network in alternative education and social entrepreneurship. Please don’t hesitate to challenge my view or send me complementary information—I am open to change.

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